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Trampoline Jumpspot - Indoor - Jupiduu

Trampoline Jumpspot - Indoor - Jupiduu

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👦👧 Jupiduu Jumpspot combines safe indoor jumping fun for kids and design in an unprecedented way. Whether in a children's room or in the living room - Jumpspot fits into any environment without any problems. 🏠

🌟 Thanks to its innovative "Drop Stitch" technology, the Jumpspot has excellent jumping properties. In addition, thanks to the stable air chamber, you can variably adjust the rebound. Thanks to the low height of only 20 cm, safety during play is always guaranteed, especially for smaller children. With a diameter of 100 cm, the Jumpspot compactly and stylishly fits into any living room or children's room. 💯

🤸‍♀️ Playfully exercises coordination and sense of balance and strengthens your child's muscles. 💪

📚 And if your little ones need to rest, Jumpspot is also popular as a small relaxation zone where they can enjoy a good book. There are countless other possibilities to play, the imagination knows no bounds!

🎨 There are 5 fashionable colors to choose from (dark beige, light blue, pink, camel and olive). The coated waffle knit is made of 100% cotton (OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate) and can be easily washed in the washing machine. 🌿

📝 Other important notes:
The Jumpspot consists of an inflatable air core and a waffle knit jersey. Load capacity up to 100 kg, so even dad can get on it 😉

🔌 The adapter is included in the delivery. With this adapter, the Jumpspot can be inflated with a hand compressor (option A) or a bicycle pump (option B). Without an adapter, the Jumpspot can be inflated with a commercially available air pump, provided that the diameter of the hose is 20 mm. Recommended air pressure is 0.25 BAR / 35 PSI. 💨

👩‍👧‍👦 Use only under the direct supervision of an adult. For home use only. Make sure there are no objects within 1.5m of the Jumpspot. 🚧

🎂 Recommended age: From 18 months. 🧸

📦 Delivery without pump, but with adapter. 🎁

Make your children happy with this amazing product that guarantees fun and skill development. Jupiduu Jumpspot is a great gift for any occasion! 🥳

Order your Jupiduu Jumpspot today and ensure endless fun for your kids! 🛍️

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