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Trampoline Jumpspot - Outdoor - Jupiduu

Trampoline Jumpspot - Outdoor - Jupiduu

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🤩 Jupiduu Outdoor Jumpspot comes as an ideal choice for garden fun, offering incredible jumps, fun moves and fun for the whole family without the need for trampolines.

🌞 This inflatable bouncer is ideal for garden parties and family gatherings, providing endless hours of fun and joy with your loved ones. Whether it's kids or adults, everyone will love it!

🟢 Without worrying about a disturbing network, you can enjoy the Jupiduu Outdoor Jumpspot anywhere in your garden. Parents will appreciate the saved time and energy that they would otherwise have to invest in mowing the grass.

❄️ And what more? When winter comes, simply fold the Jumpspot and store it in a compact place so you can pull it out again come spring.

💚 Jupiduu Outdoor Jumpspot is a truly universal product that simplifies fun in the garden and brings joy to everyone who uses it.

🌟 Let the Jupiduu Outdoor Jumpspot transform your garden into a place where both children and adults will have fun to their heart's content. Order it today and start enjoying endless fun in the garden!

🟢 Diameter: 130 cm, height: 20 cm.

🟢 Recommended age: from 18 months.

🟢 Delivery time: from 1 to 2 weeks.

🟢 It is used under the direct supervision of adults. For home use only.

🟢 Adapter included in the delivery, the possibility of inflation with a hand compressor or bicycle pump. Recommended air pressure 0.25 BAR / 35 PSI.

🟢 It comes without a pump, but with an adapter.

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