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Equestrian Unicorn Model U - 3 to 5 years - Pink - PonyCycle

Equestrian Unicorn Model U - 3 to 5 years - Pink - PonyCycle

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🦄 Welcome to the discovery of the Unicorn PonyCycle in pink for children aged 3 to 5! This unicorn takes the pleasure of riding a pony to a whole new level.

🧒 Your child can enjoy not only swinging, but also riding like a real horse. With a mechanical seat and adjustable pedals, the child can move the unicorn up and down and guide it using the handle on the neck.

⚙️ The PonyCycle is equipped with brakes, so a child can safely and effectively stop their unicorn. This feature increases safety and gives parents peace of mind.

🎠 Riding the PonyCycle is a real workout for your kids. It actively strengthens the abdominal muscles and legs, which helps to develop physical condition and strength.

🌳 In addition, this unicorn is completely safe and environmentally friendly, as it does not require batteries or an accumulator to function.

Product details:
🔸 Recommended age: 3-5 years
🔸 Maximum load: 25 kg
🔸 Seat height from the ground: 48 cm
🔸 Dimensions: 75 x 35 x 76 cm

Main product features:
🔹 Actively strengthens children
🔹 Safe and environmentally friendly - without batteries and accumulators
🔹 Equipped with brakes for safe driving
🔹 Mechanical saddle and adjustable pedals for a realistic experience

🎁 Experience the smile on your child's face! Order a PonyCycle Unicorn today.

Pony size Age Height Inner leg length Maximum weight
Size 3 3-5 85-108cm 35.9-46.6cm 25 kg
Size 4 4-8 104-130cm 45.7-59.1cm 40 kg
Size 5 7+ 128-165cm 58.2-75.0cm 80 kg
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