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Playful children's potty with lid Owl gray

Playful children's potty with lid Owl gray

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👶 Children's potty with a picture of owls in pastel colors is a truly unique piece that your children will immediately love. For all mothers and fathers, it is an ideal choice that will please not only children, but also adults.

🎨 Beautiful pastel colors and a picture of owls on the potty will delight the eyes of every child. This potty is really visually attractive because it is designed with a modern design that fits in any children's room.

🛠️ The potty is made in the shape of a toilet bowl with a practical hinged plate. This design is not only practical and aesthetically pleasing, but also fun for children. You can be sure that this potty will provide your children with maximum comfort.

💦 Another great feature of this potty is its easy maintenance. The inner part of the potty can be easily removed and washed, which facilitates care and enables quick and efficient cleaning.

🎶 As a bonus, this potty plays a tune after peeing, which is very fun and motivating for kids. This feature is not only fun, but also teaches children to associate using the potty with positive associations.

📏 The dimensions of the potty are approximately 38x23x25 cm, which is the ideal size for small children. It is light, compact and, thanks to its shape, high backrest and wide seat, provides comfort for children.

🔋 Please note that the battery in the game module cannot be replaced. But don't worry, the potty is designed to be durable and last a long time.

🛍️ So don't hesitate and order this beautiful potty for your children today! Make potty training fun!

🔍 Overview of main features:

  • 🎨 Beautiful image of owls and pastel colors
  • 🛠️ Modern design and quality workmanship
  • 💦 Simple maintenance and cleaning
  • 🎶 Plays a melody after peeing
  • 📏 Dimensions: approx. 38x23x25 cm
  • 🔋 The battery in the game module cannot be replaced
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