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Teepee tent - Forest - Moi Mili

Teepee tent - Forest - Moi Mili

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🌲🍂 Your little adventurer deserves a cozy and inviting place to rest and plan his next adventures, and that's what a teepee is for. Teepee, derived from the word used by the Sioux, works in a versatile and fun way.

When the game is over, you can easily fold the teepee and store it in the included envelope, saving space in the room. The cover also makes it easy to carry the teepee outside. Inside there is a pocket where children can hide their toys, books and treasures. The neutrality of the teepee's white background fits perfectly into any interior.

Our autumn collection, inspired by the love of forest walks and camping under the stars, features a collaboration with illustrator Iwa Kowalska. The teepee perfectly captures the autumn mood and brings a unique atmosphere to the room.

Teepee "Forest friends" is characterized not only by beautiful colors, but also by an original water motif created by Iwa Kowalska. It reflects a love for adventures in the forest and spending the night in the wilderness.

The teepee is made of natural materials: 100% cotton fabric and pine sticks. Its five-wall construction ensures stability with round bars located in stitched tunnels on the bottom. You can use the teepee at home, in the garden or even on the beach.

The set includes a toy tent, poles and a cotton envelope. You can add other accessories and decorations according to your own taste.

Fabric: 100% cotton with OEKO-TEX® certificate. Fabric weight: 260.
Washing temperature: up to 30 °C.
Pine poles: 180 cm.
Height after unfolding: 170 cm.
Base diameter: 120/130 cm.

Create a magical and cozy haven for your little adventurer with the Forest Friends teepee from our collection! 🌲🍂
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