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Armchair ORIGINAL - Soft beige - SHAPPY

Armchair ORIGINAL - Soft beige - SHAPPY

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🛋️ Do you have little space, but want something fun for your children? Introducing the Shappy chair - an ideal alternative to a play sofa for a children's room or a smaller playroom!

🏰 Even though the Shappy chair is only half of the Shappy play sofa, the fun and creativity remain the same. Create a tipi, a hideout or an obstacle course - the possibilities are endless. Shappy is not just a piece of furniture; it is also a fun friend for children. It is ideal for sleepovers, children and parents can sit on it, create and play with it.

🧸 4 PIECES FOR ENDLESS CONFIGURATIONS - part toy, part furniture and perfect for any activity at home.
🚗 WHY KIDS LOVE IT - Kids love Shappy because they can build forts, ice rinks, play pirates or race cars. Its extremely soft material makes it their favorite place to rest and read at home.
❤️ WHY PARENTS LOVE IT - Shappy is perfect for constructive, healthy entertainment that motivates children to move and develop.
📦 SMART Children's Furniture - high quality, light, stain resistant and portable.

📏 The Shappy armchair measures 80 cm in width, 80 cm in depth and has a height of 56 cm. Seat height is 25 cm. As a sleeping solution, Shappy can be adjusted to a width of 80 cm and a length of 172.5 cm.

🐱 PET-FRIENDLY FABRIC - our sofa is pet-friendly, our fabrics are tested in special laboratories for scratch resistance.
💧 EASY CLEANING - during production, the fibers are covered with special molecules that protect the fabric from dirt. Thanks to this, all stains are cleaned quickly and efficiently. The covers can be easily washed at 30℃ in the washing machine.
🌿 Certified covers according to standard 100 from OEKO-TEX® give you the assurance that the material is allergen-free and completely safe for your children's health. The fabric is pleasant to the touch and has a beautiful cashmere surface.
⛔ Without harmful substances - certified foam according to OEKO-TEX® is made without harmful substances.
🔒 High-quality zippers have rounded heads to prevent scratches and snags.

🌟 Discover the magic of the Shappy chair for your children and let their imagination fly to infinity! Order today!

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