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Montessori wooden board Medvedík XL - Pink

Montessori wooden board Medvedík XL - Pink

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🌟🎨👶 Personalized wooden chalkboard is a great tool for developing skills in your toddlers and children. Various interactive elements and sensory toys on the board, children will learn basic skills. This toy supports children's creativity and imagination and helps them develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 🧠👐🎉

🏠💡 Home and educational environment: This personalized wooden board is an ideal tool for home education that can be used in a variety of situations - from independent play to interaction with parents or siblings. In this way, children gain experience and knowledge in the comfort of their home and with the support of their family.

🧠💪 Development of cognitive and social skills: In addition to the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, the personalized wooden board also supports the cognitive and social development of the child. Children learn to recognize colors, shapes, numbers and letters, as well as the basics of mathematics and physics. The toy also supports interaction with other children and the development of social skills.

🎨 Different materials, textures and colors provide stimulation and keep the child interested. The choice depends on the age and interests of the child, which allows for growth and development. The result is a toy that provides hours of fun while encouraging skill development.

🌍♻️ Wooden materials are durable and ecologically sustainable, which ensures long-term value and minimizes the impact on the environment. Investing in a quality wooden toy means investing in the future of the child and the planet.

🌳 Eco-friendly and safe material: This personalized wooden board is made of high-quality, durable and ecologically sustainable wood, which is safe for your children. The colors used on the table are non-toxic and water-based, which guarantees that the toy is safe for children and environmentally friendly.

💖🔧Easy maintenance and long life: The wooden board is designed to be easy to maintain and to last for a long time. Just wipe it with a damp cloth or gently clean it with soapy water. Thanks to the quality materials and robust construction, it will become a long-term companion for your growing child.

📏 Dimensions: 75x59 cm

🌟 Features and options:

  • Montessori educational principle
  • Personalization for a unique experience
  • Different shapes, sizes and colors
  • Interactive elements for skill development
  • Suitable for children from 10 months
  • A great gift

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