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Accessory ARCHES ORIGINAL - Soft beige - SHAPPY

Accessory ARCHES ORIGINAL - Soft beige - SHAPPY

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🎁 We offer you a unique set of two arches and doors for a children's play sofa. This product is designed to add more joy and creativity to your little adventurers' play. 🧸

🦸‍♂️ These arches and doors can be used in different ways. They can become part of a fortress with removable doors, functional railings and a handrail, or even serve as shields in battle against imaginary enemies. 🏰

🎈 The fantasy really doesn't end. These accessories can be transformed into a ball pool, a mini "baby place" or any other scenario your child can think of. 🎠

🌟 Our arches are robust and resistant to everyday use. They have holes that are suitable for knight's quests or as secret entrances to the world of imagination. 🕵️‍♂️

🛡️ Each set contains two shields/doors. They are ideal accessories for little knights and princesses, but also as a solution for settling disputes between siblings. ⚔️

📏 Each piece measures 80 cm in length, 80 cm in width and 25 cm in height. They are designed to fit perfectly with most gaming sofas. 🪑

🐾 The materials we have chosen are pet-friendly. They are scratch resistant and easy to clean. 💧

🌿 Our products are certified according to standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which means that they are allergen-free and completely safe for your children. The fabric is soft to the touch with a luxurious cashmere finish. 🛌

⚙️ All zippers are of high quality, designed to be safe and do not cause scratches. 🦾

Summary of product features:

  • 🎪 Two creative arches with openings.
  • 🚪 Two shields/doors for different games.
  • 📐 Ideal dimensions for play sofas: 80x80x25 cm.
  • 🌸 Quality, allergen-free materials.
  • 🌀 Stain-resistant and easy maintenance.

💡 Give space to your children's imagination and increase the value of their playtime! Order today! 🎁

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