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Montessori board - Daisy - Foxy Family

Montessori board - Daisy - Foxy Family

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🎉 Discover the magic of the manipulation board, which is designed for little explorers! This toy is the perfect companion for children who quickly get bored with ordinary toys. With eleven interesting elements such as gears, maze, lamp, mirrors, sliders and bells, this board is guaranteed to catch your child's attention.

👶 The manipulation board is ideal for children older than 3 years and is made of high-quality plywood with an FCS certificate. Thanks to the careful selection of materials and safe colors, this toy is not only safe, but also aesthetically pleasing and can serve as a beautiful decoration for a child's room.

🧠 Playing with a manipulation board supports the cognitive development of children, improves their coordination skills and stimulates logical thinking and decision-making processes. By touching and manipulating different parts of the board, children discover new mechanisms and improve their psychomotor skills.

🔍 Each piece of the manipulation board is thoroughly ground and tested by an independent laboratory, thus obtaining a certificate in accordance with European standards for toy safety (PN-EN 71-1 and PN-EN 71-2). So this toy is not only fun, but also completely safe for your children.

🌟 The properties of wood, such as the unevenness of the structure, varied structure, color change, give each board a unique character and are not product defects. These natural aspects of wood add to the authenticity and aesthetic value of the toy.

👉 Let your children discover and learn by playing with the manipulation board. It is an investment in their development that brings joy and learning in one. Do not forget that the toy is intended for children from 3 years of age and it is recommended that children play with it under adult supervision.

🛒 Don't wait and order a manipulation board today to support your child's development in a fun and safe way!

📋 Summary of product features:

  • 🔧 Includes gears, maze, lamp, mirrors, sliders and bells
  • 🌲 Made of high-quality plywood with FCS certificate
  • 👀 Supports cognitive development and coordination
  • 🔒 Certified in accordance with European toy safety standards
  • 🎨 Aesthetically pleasing and can serve as decoration
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