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Skateboard Colorbaby 1969 surfer (2 pieces)

Skateboard Colorbaby 1969 surfer (2 pieces)

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👶 We only want the best for our children. 🎁 And that's why we would like to present the Colorbaby 1969 Skateboard in surfer style, which is perfect for everyone who is looking for a high-quality, high-quality product for the little ones. 🛹 This skateboard is made of high-quality materials such as polyurethane, aluminum and wood, which ensures its long life and durability.

📏 Its approximate dimensions are 74 x 11 x 22 cm, which means it's ideal for children aged 6 and over. 🎈 Best of all, this set contains 2 pieces, so your kids can ride together with their friends or siblings. 💪 The maximum allowed weight is up to 100 kg, so it is also suitable for older children.

💰 Buy Colorbaby at the best prices and make your children happy. 🎉 Enjoy fun on a skateboard while supporting their physical development and coordination.

🔔 Do not forget that the Colorbaby 1969 Skateboard is a great gift for all children who love an active lifestyle. 🛍 Buy it today and experience the joy of using it!

📝 Finally, let's summarize the main features of the product:

  • 🛹 Style: surfer
  • 👶 Recommended age: + 6 years
  • 📏 Approximate dimensions: 74 x 11 x 22 cm
  • 🎁 Pieces: 2 pieces
  • 💪 Maximum allowed weight: 100 kg
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