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Teepee tent with mat - Gray - Moi Mili

Teepee tent with mat - Gray - Moi Mili

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Your little adventurer can spend long hours exploring the world and playing games, but when he returns he needs a place to rest, eat and plan his next adventures. Tipi actually means dwelling and is a word used by the Sioux, the indigenous people of the Great Plains. It is a place for all kinds of entertainment. And it has a window with a curtain so you can watch the surrounding area!

When the game is over, you can fold the tipi and store it back in its case, for example in the corner of the room. When folded, it does not take up much space and the packaging allows easy carrying outside. Inside there is a pocket where children can hide their toys, books and other treasures.

A comfortable pad is an essential part of every adventurer's equipment; it is also useful during long meetings, it comes in handy as a boat when crossing rivers :-)

The mat works as a great and comfortable rug in your toddler's room and can be used as an addition to the tent, sun side or as a wall decoration. You can also use it in the garden or on a picnic. And the best part is that you can roll on it and play with toys from the earliest age! :-)

Thanks to its four-wall construction, the Moi Mili Linen Gray Tipi is stable when erected, the poles are rounded and placed in tunnels at the bottom.
The mat adds a touch of fantasy, coziness and unique charm to every interior.

The tipi is made of natural materials: 100% linen fabric and pine sticks.
The durable mat is made of high quality linen and cotton fabric.

The set includes a play tent, poles and a cotton cover. Feel free to complement it with our beautiful decorations and accessories.
The pad is double-sided, filled with thick insulation.

  • Tipi fabric: 100% linen fabric with OEKO-TEX® certification, 160 g.
  • Pine poles: 180 cm.
  • Standing height: 170 cm.
  • Base diameter: 120/130 cm.
  • Mat fabric: 100% linen, 100% cotton with OEKO-TEX® certification.
  • Mat size: 120 x 120 cm +- 3 cm; thickness: 3 cm.
  • Washing temperature of mat and tipi: up to 30°C.
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