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Terry washcloth Akuku gray

Terry washcloth Akuku gray

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👶 For our little customers, we offer a practical children's terry towel Akuku. This washcloth comes with a hanging loop, which is very useful for easy storage and drying after a bath.

🧤 This baby washcloth has the shape of a glove, which makes it easy and comfortable to use. Thanks to this design, you can easily reach even the most difficult places to make sure that your child is perfectly clean.

💕 The washcloth is made of high-quality, pleasant and soft material. This will ensure even greater comfort for the baby during bathing. Your child will feel comfortable and relaxed when using this washcloth.

📏 The dimensions of this washcloth are approximately 18x9.5 cm. It's a great size for little hands, so perfect for bathing babies.

🧵 The washcloth is composed of 82% cotton and 18% polyester. This combination of materials makes the washcloth durable, but at the same time soft and pleasant to the touch.

🎨 The colors vary according to the current offer, so you can choose the one you like the most and match your preferences.

🛍️ Don't hesitate and get this practical and comfortable washcloth for your child. Make sure that bathing will be a real pleasure for your child!

📝 Finally, let's summarize the main features of the product: 👶 Practical children's terry towel Akuku 🧤 In the shape of a glove for easy use 💕 Made of high-quality, pleasant and soft material 📏 Dimensions: LxW approx. 18x9.5 cm 🧵 Composition: 82% cotton, 18% polyester 🎨 Colors vary according to the current offer

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