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Baby swing hanging cradle cotton - Cream - homba

Baby swing hanging cradle cotton - Cream - homba

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👶 The homba baby hanging cradle is an ideal solution for babies up to 12 months. It offers a comfortable and ergonomic environment for daily sleeping. It will also delight you with pleasant rocking, thanks to the sensitive spring that helps your little ones fall asleep easily.

🍃 The cradle is made of 100% natural fabric and has an ergonomic shape with a raised head, which helps prevent reflux. It includes an anti-allergenic mattress with buckwheat hulls, which is not only anti-allergenic, but also massage and antibacterial. This mattress is ideal for a baby's daytime sleep.

👣 The rocking movements of the cradle create feelings for the baby, as if it is once again in the safe environment of its mother's belly. You can simply fix it to the ceiling or place it on a special stand, which gives you flexibility in its placement.

🛍 The package contains: hanging cradle homba baby, anti-allergenic mattress with buckwheat hulls, 100% cotton mattress cover, sensitive spring with load capacity up to 15 kg, 2x2 meter long polypropylene rope to protect and secure the spring, fabric cover for the spring, screwing and closing carabiner for spring attachment and suspension of the cradle, an oak spacer for attaching the cradle, and a practical bag for carrying the cradle and accessories.

🏖 With homba baby, you can easily transfer the comfort and comfort of your baby's sleep anywhere, be it to a cottage, vacation or to another place. Put your little one to sleep comfortably and have more time to relax.

🌟 Summary of Product Benefits:

  • 👶 Ergonomic shape and pleasant rocking
  • 🍃 100% natural material and anti-allergenic mattress
  • 👣 Flexibility in placing the cradle
  • 🛍 Complete packaging with accessories
  • 🏖 Portability and easy carrying

🛒 Don't wait and get the homba baby hanging cradle for your baby today and experience comfortable moments full of relaxation together!

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