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Starling Helmet - Pink Flower - Bobbin

Starling Helmet - Pink Flower - Bobbin

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Introducing our classic collection of Starling helmets for kids and adults. With the Starling helmet, you will not only ride safely, but thanks to the well-thought-out design, you will look stylish and comfortable. From the glossy surface and retro color spectrum to first-class components - everything is designed with attention to detail.

🚴 Adjustable straps guarantee that the helmet will fit like a glove.

🍯 Caramel chin straps give the helmet a unique charm. 🔧 Precise adjustment thanks to the wheel size adjustment system.

🛌 Comfortable padding ensures comfort throughout the ride.

🌬️ 11 ventilation holes ensure perfect air circulation around the head.

🪶 Lightweight, yet durable construction guarantees long-term durability.

🛡️ Safety verified by EN1078 and CPSC certificates.

📏 Helmet sizes are designed according to head circumference.

Discover comfort and style with our Starling helmets, which are as practical as they are stylish. Let yourself be charmed by the quality and design that will not leave you in the lurch.

Summary of product features:

🚴 Adjustable straps

🍯 Caramel chin straps

🔧 Size adjustment system

🛌 Comfortable padding

🌬️ 11 ventilation holes

🪶 Lightweight and durable construction

🛡️ Security certificates

📏 Sizes according to head circumference

🛒 Don't wait and choose your Starling helmet today to make your bike ride safe and stylish!

Model Name


(kids and toddlers heads)


(kids and small adult heads)


(large kids heads and adult heads)

One Size

(fits most adult heads)






Starling or Disco





Mirror Mirror



56-60 cm







Arcade - 52-56 cm 55-59cm -

When choosing the right helmet size, it is best to measure the circumference of your head.

This also applies to children, as age is not a good indicator.

The best way to do this is as follows:

  1. Take a tape measure and wrap it around your head.
  2. Place the measuring tape on the center of the forehead, two fingers above the ears and at the widest point on the back of the head.
  3. Mark the result and then browse our amazing range of helium! Note that sizes may vary from model to model.
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