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Plush toy with sound Vtech Elephant 15 x 8.9 x 19.1 cm

Plush toy with sound Vtech Elephant 15 x 8.9 x 19.1 cm

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🎁 We want only the best for our children, which is why we would like to present you the Vtech Elephant Plush Toy with sound. This soft toy is perfect for everyone who is looking for a high-quality, high-quality product for the little ones. Buy Vtech at the best prices and give your children endless fun and joy.

🐘 Vtech Elephant is not just an ordinary toy. With its design in the form of a cute elephant, it will immediately capture the heart of every child. Its dimensions of 15 x 8.9 x 19.1 cm are ideal for small children's hands, allowing for easy holding and handling.

🔊 In addition, this plush toy has sound effects that stimulate children's auditory perception and contribute to their development. Light effects add fun and interactivity, making the Vtech Elephant an inseparable companion of your children.

🔋 It uses AAA batteries for its function, which are included in the package, so the toy is ready to play right out of the box. It is suitable for children from birth, which makes it an ideal gift for newborns or as a first toy for your child.

📚 The toy comes with a manual in Spanish, which is great for families who want to introduce their children to a new language from an early age. The composition of high-quality textiles ensures that the toy is soft, safe and easy to maintain.

💡 Vtech Elephant with sound is more than just a toy. It is a companion for your children that supports their development and contributes to their happiness. Don't forget that quality time spent with a toy can be an irreplaceable experience for your child.

🛒 Don't wait and add Vtech Slon to your cart today. Treat your children to the best and watch their eyes light up with joy when they meet their new plush friend for the first time.

🌟 Summary of product features:

  • 🎨 Design: Elephant
  • 📏 Dimensions: 15 x 8.9 x 19.1 cm
  • 🔊 Functions: Light, Sound
  • 🔋 Battery type: AAA (batteries included)
  • 👶 Recommended age: + 0 months
  • 📚 Manual language: ES
  • 🧵 Composition: Textile
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