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Plush Crochetts OCÉANO Blue 59 x 11 x 65 cm

Plush Crochetts OCÉANO Blue 59 x 11 x 65 cm

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🎁 We want only the best for our children! We present you the Crochetts OCÉANO Blue Plush, which is the ideal companion for your little ones. With dimensions of 59 x 11 x 65 cm, it will become a favorite soft toy in every children's room.

📘 This wonderful blue soft toy is designed especially for children from birth to 9 years. Its soft structure and safe materials ensure that it is suitable even for the smallest.

🚫 When caring for the Plush Crochetts OCÉANO Blue, it is important to follow simple instructions. Do not use bleach or ammonia and avoid dry cleaning. The best results can be achieved by cleaning with a damp cloth, which guarantees that the soft toy will remain as good as new.

🔧 Fortunately, this toy requires no assembly, so it's ready to play right out of the box. In addition, it works without the need for batteries, which simplifies its maintenance and use.

👶 Plush Crochetts OCÉANO Blue is not only beautiful, but also practical. Its dimensions and design are ideal for small hands that like to hug and carry their plush friends everywhere.

🛒 Don't forget that Crochetts is available at great prices right now in our e-shop. Let your children experience the joy of a new toy that will bring a smile to their faces. Buy Plush Crochetts OCÉANO Blue today!

🔍 Summary of product features:

  • 😊 Type: Plush
  • 🔵 Color: Blue
  • 👶 Gender: Child
  • 🎂 Recommended age: 0-9 years
  • 🧽 Washing instructions: Clean with a damp cloth, no bleach, no ammonia, dry clean
  • 📏 Approximate dimensions: 59 x 11 x 65 cm
  • 🔋 Works on batteries: No
  • 🛠 Requires assembly: No
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