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Playing children's potty anti-slip METEO pink

Playing children's potty anti-slip METEO pink

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🚼 Children's potty with a cheerful picture is an ideal helper for every parent who takes care of their baby. This potty offers a modern design, quality workmanship and easy maintenance, which makes it an invaluable companion in daily care.

🎨 The potty is equipped with a beautiful picture that will surely interest every child. Cheerful colors and a playful design make this potty not only practical, but also an attractive addition to a child's room or bathroom.

💪 This potty is very light and compact, so you can easily carry and store it. Thanks to its shape, high backrest and wide seat, it provides children with maximum comfort every time they are used.

🛡️ Safety comes first! The bottom side of the potty is equipped with a non-slip finish, which ensures the stability and safety of your child. You don't have to worry about the potty moving or tipping over during use.

🎶 After peeing, the potty plays a melody, which is very practical, especially when the child is learning to go to the potty. This melody can be motivating and fun for your child, which will speed up the whole learning process.

📏 The dimensions of the potty are approx. 38x23x25 cm, which makes it large enough for comfortable sitting, but at the same time compact for easy storage. The battery in the game module cannot be replaced, which guarantees long-term trouble-free operation.

🌟 Thanks to all these features, this potty is a great choice for any parent looking for a reliable and practical product for their child. Do not hesitate and make potty training a fun and comfortable experience for your child!

🛒 Order this amazing baby potty today and make taking care of your baby easier!

📋 Summary of product features:

  • 🎨 Modern design with a cheerful picture
  • 💪 Light and compact
  • 🛡️ Anti-slip treatment for greater safety
  • 🎶 Melody after peeing
  • 📏 Dimensions: approx. 38x23x25 cm
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