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Backpack PLUMIER FC Barcelona 19/20 Turquoise (33 Pieces)

Backpack PLUMIER FC Barcelona 19/20 Turquoise (33 Pieces)

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🎒 Are you looking for a quality backpack for your children? We present to you the PLUMIER FC Barcelona 19/20 Turquoise Backpack (33 Pieces), which is the perfect product for the little ones.

💪 This backpack is made of polyester, which guarantees its high quality and durability. With a capacity of 5 liters and a front pocket with a zipper, it is ideal for carrying school supplies.

🎨 The color of the turquoise backpack with the FC Barcelona logo is stylish and modern. Its sporty design and top handle make this backpack a practical and stylish accessory for your children.

🖍️ In addition, the backpack contains bags, markers, crayons, pencil, sharpener, ruler, highlighter, pen and scissors, which makes it a complete product for school supplies.

🛍️ Buy Backpack PLUMIER FC Barcelona 19/20 Turquoise (33 Pieces) and other brands at the best prices!

🎒 Color: Turquoise

🎒 Material: Polyester

🎒 Capacity: 5 L

🎒 Fastening type: Zipper

🎒 Compartments: Front pocket with zipper

🎒 Design: Sporty

🎒 Pieces: 33 Pieces

🎒 Features: Upper ear

🎒 Contains:

  • Bag x 4
  • Markers x 12 + Coloring pens x 12
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Highlighter
  • Pen x 3
  • Scissors
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