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Baby Ono WHALE head washing container pink

Baby Ono WHALE head washing container pink

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🛁 Our WHALE container is a perfect helper when bathing the little ones. Its three holes, each with a different stream of water, allow you to adjust the pace of washing to the age or preferences of the child.

💦 This container is not only practical, but also safe. It makes it easier to rinse the body and hair, while preventing water from getting into the child's eyes and face. Keep the little adventurer safe, even if he's just learning the joys of water.

👶 The WHALE container is an extremely useful helper for children's baths. It makes it easier to wash the head of children who are just discovering the joys of water. This product is a great helper for parents who want to make washing their hair easier and less stressful.

🎁 This container will become an excellent bathing companion for older children. When filled with water, it has an optimal weight, so it is easy to handle even for small hands. Made of high-quality materials, it does not contain harmful BPA and phthalates. Its dimensions are 15 cm in height and 18 cm in width.

🔎 Summary of the properties of the WHALE container:

  • 🔘 3 holes with different streams of water
  • 🔘 Easy filling with water
  • 🔘 An excellent bathing companion for older children
  • 🔘 Optimal weight after filling with water
  • 🔘 Free of BPA and phthalates
  • 🔘 Height: 15 cm
  • 🔘 Width: 18 cm

🎈 Let the WHALE container make bath time easier and more fun for your child. Order it today and see how your child will start looking forward to the bath!

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