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Riding Unicorn Model E - 3 to 5 years - Purple - PonyCycle

Riding Unicorn Model E - 3 to 5 years - Purple - PonyCycle

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🌟 Introducing Model E from PonyCycle®!

🎨 This model dazzles with its distinctive color combination and expressive embroidered eyes. It creates a strong visual impression that immediately catches the attention of any child.

🛑 Safety comes first! Thanks to the built-in handbrake, children can easily and safely stop their driving experience whenever they need to.

🧵 Quality is key. Model E is created from excellent materials and is carefully processed down to the smallest detail. PonyCycle® combines fine materials with exceptional craftsmanship for a comfortable soft touch and exceptional durability.

🚲 Solid construction and robust wheels ensure a smooth ride. Your kids will feel like they are flying! And what's even better? It's 100% kid-powered, without any batteries. PonyCycle® works on the principle of the child's jumping movement, which means that it does not need electricity or any other source of energy.

💪 Riding a PonyCycle® is not only fun, but also a great way to promote physical activity. In this way, children develop their motor skills, balance and coordination in a playful way.

👀 Designed to impress! The embroidered eyes are so expressive that they intensify the interaction with children, which makes this model even more attractive.

The variety of styles makes for a great selection for both boys and girls!

**Model E Ride-On Horse and Unicorn feature summary.
🌟 Bold colors and embroidered eyes
🛑 Built-in handbrake for safe stopping
🧵 Excellent materials and craftsmanship
🚲 Solid construction and robust wheels
💪 Fun and physical activity in one

🎉 Let your children discover a world full of fantasy with PonyCycle®! Order today! 🐴🦄

Pony size Age Height Inner leg length Maximum weight
Size 3 3-5 85-108cm 35.9-46.6cm 25 kg
Size 4 4-8 104-130cm 45.7-59.1cm 40 kg
Size 5 7+ 128-165cm 58.2-75.0cm 80 kg
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