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Riding Unicorn Model E - 3 to 5 years - Pink - PonyCycle

Riding Unicorn Model E - 3 to 5 years - Pink - PonyCycle

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🌟 Introducing the amazing Model E from the PonyCycle® brand - the perfect riding companion for your little adventurers!

🎨 Who could resist such beautiful colors? This model impresses with its lively color combination and beautiful embroidered eyes, which attract children at first sight.

🛑 Safety always comes first. Thanks to the integrated handbrake, your child can always stop safely and quickly.

🧵 But that's not all! Every piece of this product is made of the finest materials and precisely processed down to the last detail. Perfect craftsmanship ensures that each piece is truly exceptional.

🚲 Smooth ride? Of course! The solid frame together with the robust wheels offer children a great driving experience.

💡 And the best part at the end - this riding horse is 100% powered by your child's energy! The PonyCycle® moves thanks to the reflex movement of the child, without the need for batteries or electricity.

💪 In addition to being great fun, riding a PonyCycle® is also a wonderful way for children to exercise and develop their motor skills.

👀 That design! The distinctive embroidered eyes provide maximum interaction with children, and the different styles make it a great choice for both boys and girls.

**Summary of Model E Ride-On Horse and Unicorn key features:
🌟 Vivid colors and embroidered eyes
🛑 Integrated handbrake
🧵 Quality materials and craftsmanship
🚲 Stable frame and quality wheels
💡 100% child powered, no batteries

🎉 Do not hesitate and treat your children to endless hours of fun with PonyCycle®! Order today! 🐴🦄

Pony size Age Height Inner leg length Maximum weight
Size 3 3-5 85-108cm 35.9-46.6cm 25 kg
Size 4 4-8 104-130cm 45.7-59.1cm 40 kg
Size 5 7+ 128-165cm 58.2-75.0cm 80 kg
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