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Baby Ono WHALE head washing container green

Baby Ono WHALE head washing container green

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👶 The WHALE container is an ideal helper when bathing your little ones. This product features a lid with three different openings, each opening having a different water flow. 🚿 These streams can be adjusted to the age or preferences of your baby, which makes this container a universal tool for the bath of children of all ages.

🧽 The WHALE container makes it easier to rinse the child's body and hair, at the same time, thanks to its design, it prevents water from entering the child's eyes and face. These features guarantee that bathing will be a pleasant experience for your child, even if he has not yet developed a taste for water fun. 🛁

⚙️ Other advantages include easy filling with water and the fact that the container has an optimal weight after filling with water. This makes it an excellent bathing companion for older children. 🎈

✔️ The WHALE container is made of high-quality materials and does not contain harmful BPA and phthalates. With a height of 15 cm and a width of 18 cm, it is compact and easy to handle. 📏

📦 Don't miss this great opportunity and order a WHALE container today. Make your child's bath time hassle-free and enjoyable! 🎁

👉 Summary of product features:

  • 🔘 3 openings with different streams, ensuring adaptation to the age of the child
  • 💧 Easy filling with water
  • 👫 An excellent bathing companion for older children
  • ⚖️ Filled with water, it has an optimal weight
  • 🏺 Made of high-quality materials without BPA and phthalates
  • 📏 Height: 15 cm, width: 18 cm
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