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Akuku hair washing container mint

Akuku hair washing container mint

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👶 Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you a container for washing hair for children and babies. This product is very practical and is guaranteed to become an invaluable helper in every household with children.

👌 The elastic edge of the container is designed to ensure safe hair rinsing. Thanks to this design element, you can be sure that not even a drop of water will get into your child's eyes.

💧 The hair washing container is very easy to use. We work to bring you the best for your children and we are convinced that this product is exactly what you need.

🔀 The two chambers of the container enable thorough rinsing of the entire head. This unique element ensures that all hair is perfectly rinsed and clean.

👶 Suitable for children from birth. Our hair washing container is designed to be safe and comfortable for babies of all ages.

🚫 Does not contain BPA. We bring only the best to your child. The safety and health of your children is our top priority.

🎁 Buy this container for washing your child's hair today and see how your home bath becomes easier!

📝 Summary of product features:

  • 👌 Elastic edge for safe hair rinsing
  • 💧 Easy to use
  • 🔀 Two chambers for thorough rinsing of the entire head
  • 👶 Suitable for children from birth
  • 🚫 Does not contain BPA
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