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Hockey table Devessport Foldable 122 x 60.5 x 71 cm

Hockey table Devessport Foldable 122 x 60.5 x 71 cm

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🏒 Hockey table Devessport Foldable 122 x 60.5 x 71 cm is ideal for our children who deserve only the best. This high-quality, high-quality product is perfect for anyone looking for a fun tool for the little ones.

👥 This table is designed for 2 players, so children can taste the joy of competition and fun together with their friends or family members. With its collapsible design, you can easily fold it up and store it when not in use.

🔧 If you are worried about assembly, you don't have to worry. The Devessport hockey table is easy to assemble and will be ready to play the moment you unpack it.

⏳ The recommended age for this product is + 8 years, which means that it is suitable for children who have the right skill and developed motor skills to play hockey.

🔋 This ice hockey table does not need batteries, so you don't have to worry about dead batteries. You can only focus on the game itself.

💡 Lights on the table add to the atmosphere and fun. Children will enjoy playing with colored lights that will put them even more in the right mood.

🌍 Devessport hockey table supports ES-EN-FR languages, so children with different language backgrounds can enjoy it. The package includes a manual in ES-EN-FR languages, so you will have clear instructions for assembly and play. The hockey table is packaged with a language label

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