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Baby doll Berjuan Newborn 45 cm

Baby doll Berjuan Newborn 45 cm

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We want only the best for our children, which is why we would like to introduce you to the Berjuan Newborn 8075-18 45 cm baby doll, perfect for everyone who is looking for a high-quality, high-quality product for the little ones. Buy Berjuan at the best prices!

🌟 Discover the magic of playing with the Berjuan Baby Doll, which is the ideal companion for your children from 3 years of age. This doll is designed to support the development of social and emotional skills in children.

📏 With a size of 45 cm, this doll is just big enough for a child to easily hug and care for. Its multi-colored design adds attractiveness and interest.

🔋 Although this doll does not run on batteries, its presence will light up any children's room as brightly as toys with lights. The absence of batteries means less worry for parents and safer play for children.

🔧 Without the need for assembly, you can connect the doll to the game immediately after unpacking from the box. Also, thanks to the fact that the doll does not require sounds or lights, it provides a quiet and non-invasive form of entertainment.

🎨 The multi-colored design of this doll is not only beautiful, but also stimulates your children's visual perception and helps them develop their creativity while playing.

👶 The Berjuan Newborn doll is a typical example of a toy that combines entertainment with educational elements. It is an ideal gift for your child or as a pleasant addition to your children's toy family.

🛒 Don't forget that this doll is available at great prices right now in our e-shop. Let your children experience joyful moments with this wonderful doll. Click and order today!

🌟 Summary of product features:

  • 👶 Type: Doll
  • 📏 Size: 45 cm
  • 🎨 Color: Multicolor
  • 🔋 Works on batteries: No
  • 💡 Lights: No
  • 🔧 Requires assembly: No
  • 🔊 Sound: No
  • 👧 Recommended age: + 3 years
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