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Children's go-kart Go-kart Milly Mally Viper red

Children's go-kart Go-kart Milly Mally Viper red

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🚗 The Viper go-kart is a great choice for little lovers of speed and adventure. With a light metal construction and large plastic wheels, this go-kart guarantees a comfortable ride, even on uneven surfaces. The solid frame is additionally reinforced with additional reinforcement for greater stability and safety.

👍 The handbrake on this model guarantees a safe stop, so you can rest assured that your child is safe. The distance of the sporty shaped seat from the steering wheel can be adjusted in two steps, so the go-kart will "grow" with your child and provide him with long hours of fun.

🎨 Thanks to its modern and ergonomic design, this go-kart will become your children's favorite means of transport. The comfortable and elegant seat with backrest is shaped to be comfortable even during longer rides.

🔝 The Viper kart is made of safe materials and has a CE safety certificate. The maximum load is 30 kg, which guarantees that it will serve your children for many years.

👌 With the diameter of the front wheels 18.5 cm and the rear wheels 22 cm, this go-kart is an ideal choice for children in the age category 3+. The go-kart is available in four different colors, so you can choose the one that your children like best.

📦 The dimensions of the package are: length 81 cm, width 21 cm, height 53 cm and weight 7.4 kg, so you can easily transport and store the kart.

📝 Features summary:

  • 💺 Comfortable and adjustable seat
  • 🔧 Solid frame with additional reinforcement
  • 🔒 Handbrake for safe stopping
  • ⚙️ The possibility of driving forward and backward using the pedal
  • 🎨 Available in 4 colors
  • ⚖️ Maximum load 30 kg

🎁 Order the Viper go-kart today and make your children happy. Enjoy hours of fun together in the fresh air!

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