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Children's pedal go-kart Milly Mally Rocket Go-kart pink

Children's pedal go-kart Milly Mally Rocket Go-kart pink

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🚀 The ROCKET go-kart is a real racing vehicle for little riders. It is made of the highest quality materials and its aerodynamic shape is reminiscent of the legendary Formula 1 cars.

🎈 This go-kart has a light metal construction, supplemented with plastic accessories. With a chain drive, pedals and the ability to shift forwards and backwards, your child will experience hours of fun. The "freewheel" function and the handbrake on the rear axle add to safety and driving control.

🚦 Soft wheels made of EVA foam, a light yet durable spoiler and an adjustable sports seat - all this makes this go-kart unique and different from other go-karts of this type on the market.

🚧 The kart is designed to be easy to assemble, stable and safe. It is ideal for children from 3 years and is available in four attractive colors - red, pink, blue and light blue.

🎁 This product meets all European safety standards and is capable of carrying a maximum load of up to 30 kg.

💡 Finally, let's summarize the main features of this product:

  • 🔧 Adjustable seat
  • 🔄 Chain drive with forward and reverse shifting
  • 🛑 Handbrake on the rear axle
  • 🎈 Soft EVA foam wheels
  • 🚦 Idle function
  • 🔝 Maximum load 30 kg
  • 💖 Available in 4 colors

🎯 Let your child experience the joy of driving his own kart! Order the ROCKET pedal kart today and enjoy hours of fun with your little racer.

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