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Children's go-kart Go-kart Milly Mally Rocket red

Children's go-kart Go-kart Milly Mally Rocket red

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🏎️ We present to you the ROCKET go-kart, which was made of the highest quality materials and impresses with the aerodynamic shape of a Formula 1 racing car. 🚀 Its light metal structure is supplemented with plastic accessories, which guarantees a long life.

🔗 The kart is equipped with a chain drive, pedals and the ability to shift forwards and backwards, which guarantees hours of fun for your child. 😄 In addition, it is also equipped with a "freewheel" function and a handbrake on the rear axle for safe stopping.

🌟 Soft wheels made of EVA foam, light yet durable spoiler, adjustable sports seat - all this distinguishes this go-kart from other models on the market. 🏁

👷‍♂️ The kart is easy to assemble, stable and safe. It is ideal for children from 3 years old. 🚦

📏 The kart has a total height of 60 cm, a width of 59 cm and a length of 123 cm. It is available in 4 colors (red, pink, blue and light blue), so you can choose the one that your child likes the most. 🎨

🎁 Order the ROCKET go-kart for your child today and make him happy! 🎉

Summary of product features:

  • 🔧 Robust construction
  • 🔁 Idle function
  • 🔒 Fully closed chain
  • 🔵 Large foam wheels with bearings (EVA)
  • 💺 Adjustable sports seat
  • 🚸 Suitable for children from 3 years old
  • 🏋️‍♀️ Maximum load 30 kg
  • 🎨 Available in 4 colors (red, pink, blue and light blue)

Don't miss this amazing opportunity and order a ROCKET pedal kart for your child today! 🎁

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